Monday, September 11, 2017

Nexus science show BY Richard and robin

Hi, Bloggers. Today we had a crazy science show in the hall. In our science show we got to learn some cool facts and tricks about science. We learnt lots of cool things about science. My favourite part was when he put a bubble over Mrs Shinn's head because she looked like a colourful person. We found out that the world's thinnest object that can be seen by a human's eye is a bubble. One thing I learnt was different names of chemicals like a polymer. Richard made a rocket by using a film canister, water and a pill chemical. The funny part about the show was when Richard put bubbles over his head.   If I could ask Richard a question I would ask him, where did you learn how to do all of these tricks?
Richard had an experiment that he asked for a volunteer. Abby from room  { HAURAKI}  got chosen to be the volunteer. She held  the leaf blower while Richard  threw a map ball (a beach ball with a map on it) in the air .
I wonder how he made the bubbles so big .
Yay! Thanks Richard and Robin 

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