Friday, September 1, 2017


Hi , Bloggers  for the last couple of weeks we have been  creating a  slide about information of what we have done and what we have learned on our  4 day ski trip to Mt RUAPEHU. On our ski trip we learnt different skills when using a snowboard.  One of the parts is called the nose which is the top of the snowboard . On our way to MT RUAPEHU we stopped at  different places like , E.G , Hamilton gardens , Taupo swimming  center . We stayed at the national park hotel  for our four days ski trip. I enjoyed our ski trip because we got to connect with other students that i don't always connect with at school, and also learnt new skills that i will remember for ever . A failure for me going too fast on my snowboard and getting snow in my pants and undies which was cold.  My goal on camp was to try and try again to never give up and give everything 100%.  Which my teacher was very very proud that i did. Below is my camp slide that i created. 
Blog you later..😂

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