Friday, August 18, 2017


HI, bloggers  yesterday we did taekwondo.  We had to divide  into teams of five to get warmed up . To get warmed up we had a relay race . There were 5 teams that were versing each other . We had different kinds of activities like { sit ups, crunches, press up position .   We had a competition at the end to test how high we can kick and how high we can jump to kick the pad . we had a practice first for about 10 minutes to get the confidence to start . At the end there were two boys versing each other max and hame . Max came first and hame came second.  I liked yesterday's session because we had the opportunity to test how high we can kick . Overall from the couple of weeks we have been doing taekwondo I feel like im getting stronger . It was hard for me to get higher then the two champions even  then a year 4 . Thank blog you later manea ..⑻sessionclick here

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