Friday, August 4, 2017

My favourite moment

Hi blogger, a couple of termes ago we created a tent using a different variety of materials .
The materials we used where 
  • Tooth picks 
  • modelling clay /colour/ white             
  • and thick white cardboard 
We got to talk to a buddy about what shapes we could make a stable tent
out of . Sometimes the tent kept falling but we tried our hardest make the tent stable.
We tried different shapes of making it stick and join togthere .
I found moulding the clay hard and trying to make it  stable because I didn't use enough clay at the start.
I found trying different shapes to make a tent was a bit of a mess.
I had fun moulding the clay into different sizes of balls fun and cool
i liked trying my hardest to and challenging myself to design a stable tent .\
I found out that trying different shapes was easier then trying the same design again and  again .
I  used triangles ,squares and circles .
I liked designing my creation.

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