Monday, June 19, 2017

chocolate factory

HI my name is Manea and i go to waikowhai primary school and i am a student in room waitemata  .
We  have been doing a goggle doc on what we know about Dunedin n chocolate factory . Please fell free
to comment .


  1. Hi there Manea,

    Your blog post is really interesting as I love to eat Chocolate. The chocolate factory in Dunedin, isn't that the factory that is going to be shut down soon? Just a tip, make sure you embed your post at the right size where it isn't poking out of the side making it hard for the reader to read your interesting work.

    WOW! Chocolate has an antibacterial affect on the mouth and protects against teeth decay? I didn't know that. I am astonished by what kinds of facts I have learnt from your post. Thank You.

    Make sure you ensure your work is at the right size Manea!
    Keep up the good work.