Friday, September 29, 2017

Our blogging connections

Hi, Bloggers yesterday in cybersmart we did a map on were we get blog comments from,and how we connect with them. What I found hard was when we had to find four ,of  other clusters from the tui mai tui atu area. It was a bit confusing a the start,but then got easier. We had 9 question which were all different, one of them were find where our family come from.  I enjoyed doing this task because it was cool looking at different places in the world or in new zealand. I liked that part when we had to go onto room seven's blog and find people from around the world that have visited our class blog.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Cybersmart with Gerhard

Hi, Bloggers in Cybersmart we have been learning how to create a strong comment . We used 5 headings to create this comment, Greeting, positive, thoughtful, helpful and sign off . We found a blog post that we liked by using the ako-hiko website. Then we used the headings to create a strong comment. When we finished we had to screen satisfy us reading it step by step. 

Cross Country

Hi, Blogger this week we had  Cross Country. We had games that we got to play in the hall and outside, while we waited for our race. My favorite part of Cross Country day was when we got to play the blindfold game. In the blindfold game we had to wear a blindfold and our partner took us around a course to find a bean bag without standing on the splats. On our Cross Country run we had to run a far distance, twice ! If we got a score card we had to go to a table and we had to give our card and name. The place I came was 6th which I was really proud of  because I tried my best.
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Nexus science show BY Richard and robin

Hi, Bloggers. Today we had a crazy science show in the hall. In our science show we got to learn some cool facts and tricks about science. We learnt lots of cool things about science. My favourite part was when he put a bubble over Mrs Shinn's head because she looked like a colourful person. We found out that the world's thinnest object that can be seen by a human's eye is a bubble. One thing I learnt was different names of chemicals like a polymer. Richard made a rocket by using a film canister, water and a pill chemical. The funny part about the show was when Richard put bubbles over his head.   If I could ask Richard a question I would ask him, where did you learn how to do all of these tricks?
Richard had an experiment that he asked for a volunteer. Abby from room  { HAURAKI}  got chosen to be the volunteer. She held  the leaf blower while Richard  threw a map ball (a beach ball with a map on it) in the air .
I wonder how he made the bubbles so big .
Yay! Thanks Richard and Robin 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Pepeha (manea)

Hi,Bloggers for the last couple of weeks we have been creating our Pepeha.  During the process of creating our Pepeha we had to search up tukutuku panels for our outside design. In Pepeha creating we started to ask our parents and family questions like where is my river  or  mountain. Before creating our Pepeha we had sessions to teach us some corrections of the maori pronunciation. We had a session on pronouncing sisters and brothers, older and younger in maori. The word for  older sister is tuakana and the word for older brother is tuungane. We found tukutuku  panels  we liked and tried drawing it around our Pepeha.  Thanks for reading about what we have being doing in class for the last couple of weeks

Friday, September 1, 2017


Hi , Bloggers  for the last couple of weeks we have been  creating a  slide about information of what we have done and what we have learned on our  4 day ski trip to Mt RUAPEHU. On our ski trip we learnt different skills when using a snowboard.  One of the parts is called the nose which is the top of the snowboard . On our way to MT RUAPEHU we stopped at  different places like , E.G , Hamilton gardens , Taupo swimming  center . We stayed at the national park hotel  for our four days ski trip. I enjoyed our ski trip because we got to connect with other students that i don't always connect with at school, and also learnt new skills that i will remember for ever . A failure for me going too fast on my snowboard and getting snow in my pants and undies which was cold.  My goal on camp was to try and try again to never give up and give everything 100%.  Which my teacher was very very proud that i did. Below is my camp slide that i created. 
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Friday, August 18, 2017


HI, bloggers  yesterday we did taekwondo.  We had to divide  into teams of five to get warmed up . To get warmed up we had a relay race . There were 5 teams that were versing each other . We had different kinds of activities like { sit ups, crunches, press up position .   We had a competition at the end to test how high we can kick and how high we can jump to kick the pad . we had a practice first for about 10 minutes to get the confidence to start . At the end there were two boys versing each other max and hame . Max came first and hame came second.  I liked yesterday's session because we had the opportunity to test how high we can kick . Overall from the couple of weeks we have been doing taekwondo I feel like im getting stronger . It was hard for me to get higher then the two champions even  then a year 4 . Thank blog you later manea ..⑻sessionclick here