Friday, August 18, 2017


HI, bloggers  yesterday we did taekwondo.  We had to divide  into teams of five to get warmed up . To get warmed up we had a relay race . There were 5 teams that were versing each other . We had different kinds of activities like { sit ups, crunches, press up position .   We had a competition at the end to test how high we can kick and how high we can jump to kick the pad . we had a practice first for about 10 minutes to get the confidence to start . At the end there were two boys versing each other max and hame . Max came first and hame came second.  I liked yesterday's session because we had the opportunity to test how high we can kick . Overall from the couple of weeks we have been doing taekwondo I feel like im getting stronger . It was hard for me to get higher then the two champions even  then a year 4 . Thank blog you later manea ..⑻sessionclick here

Friday, August 11, 2017

how to create a strong helpful comment

Hi bloggers , yesterday  we created a template on how we can create a strong helpful comment . First we  created a padlet to give us some ideas on what to say . Then we copied the template and filled it  in with some ideas . We used 4 different headstarters which were
At the end we had to ask a question, like what shape they used ? . When we finished we designed a comment using some of our  ideas.
Blog you later 😁

Friday, August 4, 2017


Hi blogger, yesterday we created a tent using a different variety of materials .
The materials we used where 
  • Tooth picks 
  • modelling clay /colour/ white 
  • and thick white cardboard 
we got to talk to a buddy about what shapes we could make a stable tent
out of . Some times the tent kept falling but we tried our hardest to stable the tent .
we tried different shapes of making it stick and join .

I found moulding the clay hard and trying to make it  stable because i didnt use enough clay at the start.

I found trying different shapes to make a tent was a bit of a mess.

I had fun moulding the clay into different sizes of balls fun and cool
i liked trying my hardest to and challenging my self to design a stable tent .\

I found out that trying different shapes was easier then trying the same design again and  again .

I  used triangles ,squares and circles .

I liked designing my creation.

Monday, June 19, 2017

chocolate factory

HI my name is Manea and i go to waikowhai primary school and i am a student in room waitemata  .
We  have been doing a goggle doc on what we know about Dunedin n chocolate factory . Please fell free
to comment .

Thursday, June 15, 2017

my profile photo !

This is my thing link interactive blog profile picture.  Our last ako hiko visit from James we did be funky and now we are going to use this as our blog profile photo.  We used thing link to create this profile photo it has what  we like what our learning experiences are like .

I chose the links because they tell you all about me. Some of the links I chose are of things that inspire me.

Friday, May 26, 2017


HI bloggers, a couple of weeks after the holidays we have been waiting for the  new classrooms to open  . Finally we have opened our new classrooms with a big ceremony , one of the members from parliament . Michael wood came to visit as and cut the ribbon which was running in between to of the poles from the deck when the ribbon was finally cut the building was finally open we were aloud into have our first view . After our early morning tea what go to start working inside and meet other people and the way to learn . WE have four different sections in TE WAKA-  AKO  which is yellow were people can work in a quit space  green which is were people can work with a buddies and blue were you can work in a group  but last but not lease  orange were is going to be a kitchen and art station . YA it's time to meet other and find out information about them  .  FELL FREE TO COMMENT 👅💗📓📂🏤
                                         BLOG YA  LATER  here are some photographs 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


In class today  Gerard from ako hiko came and told us about our digital l foot print
and what it can do . After learning about our digital foot print we also checked out other 
blogs to see all the different people that can check out a blog. Here is a goggle drawing of who I believe will check out my  blog! See if you can add anything else. Blog you later Manea!!